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Show me the Honey !!!

They say ‘Time flies when you are having fun’. I also find the same true when you beekeep! Once again the months have flown by and I not kept up with posts. Well it’s time for an update… It all … Continue reading

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Non-Beekeeping Saturday – How to assemble a flat pack Super

I am currently sat inside watching as the temperature hovers around 11 degrees celcius outside with alternating bright spells and showers. Definitely NOT weather to go beekeeping. I have one apiary that I really want to check and will rush … Continue reading

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The importance of a good water source

Bees use water in many ways. They need it to dilute and make the food that they eat and feed to the lavae. They also use it to help cool the hive on hot days (through evaporation). Any beekeeper or … Continue reading

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The start of a new beekeeping season

Having survived the cold winter, including temperatures as low as -11.5 degrees Celsius and snow covering the hives for a period in December and January I am pleased to say that all 6 of my colonies survived! During the winter … Continue reading

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2010/11 Winter Update

Apologies to anyone reading my blog, I got very behind in updating it! Towards the end of last season I had one of my colonies queenless and with no time left in the season and the weather turning colder I … Continue reading

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My colonies

At the end of last year I had 3 colonies housed in National hives. Unfortunately due to circumstances of which I am not 100% sure of, severe winter / lack of food / disease, only one of the colonies survived … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome to the YorkshireBee’s blog / diary

I became a beekeeper almost by accident. My father was interested in beekeeping and my mother organised with the help of a family friend to surprise him with a hive full of bees for one of his birthdays. I can’t … Continue reading

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