Winter 2012-13 summary.

A new year (both in terms of the calendar and beekeeping) and I want to get my blog up to date! I can’t believe the last post was over sixth months ago! Time has flown by!

Anyway after the wettest UK summer I can remember, I ended up with 14 hives going into winter, most took plenty of sugar syrup down in September so that they had plenty of stores to last them at least until early January when I would treat them for Varroa and give them some Neopol fondant.

I treated them for Varroa at the end of January this year. Again I didn’t use Oxalic Acid as a lot of beekeepers do, instead I am continuing with my trial of the Hive clean product. At the same time I added top insulation in the form of 2 inch think insulation boards with a hole cut out in the center for the plastic takeaway food containers containing the Neopol.

During February we had some high winds and on one of my inspection trips I found 1 hive blown over!

One hive blown over by the wind!

Luckily the hive strap kept the hive parts together and I think that it hadn’t been on it’s side too long. I carefully stood it upright and gently re-aligned the hive parts. I did observe some bees still moving inside which I could see through the OMF (Open Mesh Floor) whilst the hive was lying on it’s side. There was not much I could do but place a big rock on the roof and wait to see if the hive survived.

During the last few weeks I have been carrying out weekly checks to ensure the fondant was not empty replacing any empty containers with full ones. As per previous years some hives seem to consume more of the fondant and others have hardly touched it.

In my next post I will have further news about the bees and my Honey!


About yorkshirebees

A 2nd generation beekeeper that is enthusiastic about bees and beekeeping.
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